Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cancelled: Mountain Bike Ride this Saturday, Village Creek

Biscuit and the Gooch Man...cracks me up!
Fire up for asparagus...yay it's here....

One year ago...Stan, Beth, Lisa, Chuck, Jackie, me and Martin
(Kara just had Auggie) Happy Birthday Auggie!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

After that storm last night, our rain gauge registered 2.75 inches!  We've cancelled a bike ride today...maybe tomorrow.  Speak up if you wanna get one going tomorrow!


Friday, March 25, 2011

Jackie and I've changed up this Saturday's bike ride to Village Creek at 2 pm.  Colley and Sara Burrow and the kids are staying out there through the weekend.  So meet us at the visitor's center at 2 Saturday.  We will cook out at their cabin so bring something for the grill.  I'll bring appetizers and a salad from my garden.  See ya'll there!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy Birthday August Wilson Smith!  I'm thrilled for my one year old nephew's big day, we were in DC last year during spring break and Kara didn't get her pound cake until a week late.

Unless anyone else wants to host, I get off work at noon and am thrilled to host a bike ride after work.  How about 2 pm Saturday?  Let's do the Weona ride, 35 miles gettin ready for the Komen 50 on April 16.  And plan on taking your time so we can ease into the mileage.  As always, those who don't want the distance, turn back half way and make it 18 miles.

Fire up and let me know who might show! 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Becca and Neall Host 25 mile bike ride

Another bike ride....Stan, Neall, Becca, Julie, Jackie, me, Beth, Cecilia,
Kyle, Martin (Kara at Seussical, Beth pregnant, Matt watching
the tourney and Jimmy out with the flu)

Becca's Schwinn road bike

Just the beginning of one of the hardest rides we've done in a long time,
the wind picked up at Hwy 306 near Colt and nearly blew us all down.
On Hwy 1 coming back from Colt, there was a 15-20 mph north wind,
it was rough, rough, rough....

Linton, Whit, Chloe pushing Stella

Rose enjoying the party on her turf

On the way home from the bike ride, Chloe and I were mesmerized by
the size and color of the moon.  We stopped on the bay road to take
photographs, Chloe took this one while the car was parked.  This morning
we found out that the moon was a Super Moon, the closest the moon's
been to the earth in 18 years. 
Saturday, March 19, 2011

A giant thank you to Beth, Neall and Becca for hosting yesterday's bike ride.  (Jimmy was on his 2nd day of high fever flu)  It was a perfect day for bike riding and a perfect evening for a cookout.   Except for the wind that came up out of nowhere half way through the ride.  We took it from Wynne west to Hwy 284 and north to Hwy 306 to Colt.  At Colt that wind came up and was a challenge all the way back to Wynne.  In fact, I tried to draft off Martin but his pace was too swift.  Kyle came up and let me draft in that 15-20 mph north wind and then he went back to assist Beth, Cecilia and Julie back to town.  I had to have Jackie hold my bike so I could get off.  My legs were so stiff and sore afterwards. 

Beth, Neall and Becca grilled hamburgers out for everyone, they were really good.  Becca also made the best brussels sprouts with bacon, I couldn't keep my hands out of them.  There were quesadillas, dips and cookies.  The hit of the desserts was Becca's ice cream machine.  The kids loved it and drained it fast.  It was a beautiful day for a bike ride and cookout.  Thanks for hosting Becca, Neall and Beth! 

Who's hosting this week??

Monday, March 14, 2011

Kids Triathlon, Wynne

Chloe at the Lemonade Tri in Jonesboro, at Craighead
Forrest Park, in June 2010
Monday, March 14, 2011

I'd like to invite all cyclists and blog readers to meet me at the Crowley's Ridge Country Club Board meeting at 6 pm this Wednesday, March 16.  I am meeting with the board about trying to have a kids triathlon on August 20, 2011.  This is the brain child of Becca and me.  I dreamt a few years ago about having a "warm up tri" at the club for Chloe's birthday, but since her birthday is nearly 3 weeks before Memorial Day when the pool opens, I haven't done it.  Since Becca's joined our cycling crew, we've talked about this over many-a bike rides.  So ya'll join us Wednesday at 6, we're first on the agenda and we can leave soon after so the board can do their meeting.  If you can't attend but wanna help, lemme know.  I am looking forward to planting a seed about the ease and fun of a multi sport event.  Fire up!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Upcoming Events

Just wanted to let everyone know about two events that I've signed up for.

Komen Ride for the Cure, April 16 in Jonesboro. I've signed up for the 50 mile ride. They also have other intervals.

Gearhead Sprint Triathlon, May 7 at Craighead Forest Park in Jonesboro. Beth and I did this one last year. It's a lot of fun, short, and easy logistically. One transition zone for everything. Starts and ends where you park your car. Gearhead may have some wetsuits for rent. They ran out last year and Beth and I bought our own suits for $99 a piece online at Xterra Wetsuits. They are good quality and very straightforward with sizing.

I found both of these events on Racesonline.com Hope to see some of you sign up.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Milliondollar Loop

I love the cycling jersey Neall gave me last summer.  It fits perfectly and I totally
use those back pockets!  Notice the stain on my shoulder, I am a gigantic spitter
and nose blower when riding.  It's actually kinda dangerous to be near me on a bike,
just ask Neall and Martin....I do try and look over my shoulder before getting rid of either one..lol!

Stan with his new carbon Trek

Pre-ride, Kyle cracks me up holding his bike over his head!
Chuck, Kara, Becca, Neall, Kyle, Stan, Jackie, Cecilia, Martin, Bob,
Polly and me...

This is Bob Hardin's Trek...nice Bob!  And impressive climb on the Cherry Valley Hill on the last 6 mile leg back....nice!  He also said he loves these pants...I may need to get a pair.

Our break at Cross County Bank (nice of everyone to wait on Becca, Neall and me)
Stan also reported the seat on this Carbon Madone was excellent...
The Madone...Stan picked a sharp bike!
Saturday, March 12, 2011

What a beautiful day for a bike ride!  Thanks Kara for hosting today.  We did the Vanndale Loop with an added stretch of Milliondollar road which added 6 miles to the trip.  On my speedometer, we cycled 24 miles in 1:43.  There was a 10 mph north wind that made the ride challenging and fun (if fellow cyclists want to say it was more than 10, please tell me, I am estimating the stinking wind).  I love to work hard on the bike.  We took breaks at Vanndale, Milliondollar road and Cross County Bank in Cherry Valley.  I so, so enjoyed visiting with Cecilia and Becca and Neall on the ride.  Chuck gave me good advice for worldwide travel.  I didn't take Kyle's advice and do more rpm's while chatting with Becca and Neall about local news and events.  I kept it in the hard gear to stay back and chat, I wanted to work hard and it was worth it.  Becca and Neall are just precious, I just love them! 

I am so sad I missed the post ride social time, Jackie reported beer and Boar's Head sandwiches, dang it, I hate I missed it.  But, I kept my day in check and picked up some of Chloe's friends for Biscuit's birthday party.  I don't like to brag, but it was a good party for the little fella.  Everyone had a great time.

This weather is giving me spring fever!  I want to ride this Saturday too.  I work till noon, who wants to host???

Sunday, March 6, 2011

2011 Little Rock Half and Relay

At the Capital Hotel again...me, Jackie, Colley, Kara, Martin and Stan
(Beth pregnant and Sara not a runner...yet)

We brought Whit to the Little Rockers Kids Marathon
(Kara working, Martin in a meeting)

Birdeye Bombshells Relay time: 4:40 for 26.2 miles
Ashley Boeckmann King, Sarah Jane Bradshaw Martin and me
(Kara's sorry tail went to Target for diapers....lol!)

I loved Chloe staying back with Whit (who's in Kindergarten)
and making sure he finishes okay.  So sweet!  They both started
 in the 10 year old corral with Anna Claire and Connor Burrow
Sunday, March 6, 2011

This year's Little Rock Marathon held its ninth race and boasted the biggest medal EVER.  According to people in our elevator at the Hampton Inn, it's the biggest medal and got some kind of award at Runner's magazine.  For us Halfers and our new, fresh and young (except for me) first timer Relay team members, our medals are quite, quite smaller but still awesome.  And I should report Chloe and Whit's medals were fabulous too.

Our Birdeye Bombshells' relay team boasted a 4:40 time and 28/62 in the female division.  Kara's 6.2 in 1:03, my 6.9 in 1:12 (I totally struggled), Ashley King dominated the third leg 7.8 in 1:16 and Sarah Jane Martin 5.3 in 1:04.   What great fun today was!!

Chloe and Whit had a great time Saturday at the Kids run...Chloe was such a big sister to Whit.  They had a wonderful time riding in the car over to Little Rock Saturday.  After the run, we had a great lunch at the Flying Fish (details soon on the culinary blog) and those two went to town in the Hampton Inn, jumping on beds and hiding under the desk, they crack me up.  We're so blessed the two are so close.

For the half marathoners, Jackie did 13.1 in 1:56, Martin finished before him, Stan and Colley with him.  They all had a good run too and loved rehashing today's race at Dugan's Pub, that we totally loved and I hope to review soon. 

It's off to take some Advil before bed, we'll all be aching tomorrow.  Looking forward to Saturday's bike ride at Kara's.  Bob and Polly were so gracious this weekend to watch Chloe Saturday night for dinner and this morning during the race.  They're fired up for an early morning ride Saturday.  I'll be there if I can trade Saturdays.  Going to stretch the hamstrings...

Unofficial Race Results:

Male Participants
1. Mark Chepses2:24:07
2. Julius Kosgei2:29:17
3. Matthew Fecht2:29:19
4. Joseph Aulwes2:31:28
5. Hillary Kogo2:35:12
Female Participants
1. Leah Thorvilson2:45:51
2. Uli Bromme2:47:52
3. Donna Palisca2:52:29
4. Tracy Tungac3:07:44
5. Sarah Hallas3:07:48


Male Participants
1. Ezkyas Sisay1:09:39
2. Josphat Boit1:09:42
3. Jacob Johnson1:10:09
4. Bryan Glass1:10:11
5. Gabriel Ghioca1:13:01

Relay results: 
Female Participants
1. Heather McWhirter1:19:51
2. Lucie Sulewski1:21:03
3. Terri Rejimbal1:24:30
4. Lauren Merritt1:26:02
5. Emily Myers1:26:27
Male Participants
1. Team M m2:58:04
2. The Rat Pack3:01:02
3. The Go Running Rockets3:06:07
4. The Sullivans3:11:38
5. 3 Brown Guys A White Guy3:29:18
Female Participants
1. Team Hollywood3:09:29
2. Speed Divas3:22:05
3. The Free Mamas3:27:24
4. Bootcamp Beauties3:37:17
5. McCastlain3:44:38
Birdeye Bombshells     4:40*
*I love our relay team name....I'd say we were pretty close to gettin on this list, what do ya'll say? :)

This was taken at the corner of 3rd and River Market, I believe with
combined entries of full, half, relay etc, there were over 6,000 in the race.
All the categories sold out way before online entries closed.  WOW!

I had to stop and adjust my sock (rubbing a blister) and noticed
I was right in front of the governor's mansion.  Gov. Beebe was
outside waving as he normally does, I think that's so cool!
A really nice guy at registration gave our new Relay
team some advice: to let the next runner take the timing
chip off the runner's leg (this guy didn't get the message)
which is a good idea to lean over after running and to wear a trash bag while waiting to block the wind.  That was a great idea since it was 35 degrees with a 10 mph wind.   I met some super nice relayers at my relay stop.  We visited under the medic tent to stay out of that wind!

East Birdeye Hosting With Special Guests!!! 3/12/2011

Hey BBC-
East Birdeye (Martin and Kara) will be hosting this coming Saturday. We will hopefully be able to do the Winona Ride (take 2) if the wind cooperates this time. Last time, we had gale force winds that limited our trip. Drumroll, please, special guests will be Bob and Polly Hardin (my parents) who requested that we ride since they would be in town. They are so jealous of the BBC and want to be included whenever possible. So hopefully, we will have a great turnout this weekend. There will be appetizers and adult beverages provided after the ride.

Also, for those of you who don't get the East and West Birdeye classifications I will attempt to explain. West Birdeye (Keeli and Jackie) live in a gated community. They have a very specific dress code (kids must be clothed in the yard). They also strictly prohibit urinating and the like in their yard. In East Birdeye, everything goes. We are not gated and oftentimes when driving by, you will witness naked children running in the yard and possibly even sight a yard urination. I hope that everyone now better understands the East/West classification.

Hope to see everyone Saturday.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Little Rock 1/2 Marathon and Marathon Relay, March 6, 2011

This is from 2009 Little Rock Half
Stan, Beth, Ben Meyer, Jackie, me and Kara (this is the year
Martin has his appendectomy...glad that's behind us!)

Chloe's first Kids Marathon with BFF Anne Claire Burrow
Little Rock 2010

2010 Little Rock Half
Me, Jackie, Beth, Stan, Martin, Colley Burow
(Kara pregnant with Auggie)

2007 St. Jude Memphis Half Marathon with Chloe
(Jackie was my glucometer man and started
running after this one!)
Just thought I'd tell ya'll that we'll be in Little Rock this weekend for the Little Rock events.  Chloe and Whit will be at the Kids Marathon Saturday, Chloe's third kids marathon, how fun!  Kara, Ashley King, Sarah Jane Martin and I are all splitting the Marathon Relay.  I'm excited about this event.  It's my fourth time to do the Little Rock, this is my first relay.  We can't wait....First leg Kara, 6.2 miles, second leg me 6.9 miles, third leg Ashley King the big 7.8 miles and Sarah Jane the fourth leg 5.8 miles to the finish line.  We are so excited and will give a report next week about it.  For you non-runners, we have dinner reservations at 6:30 pm at Bosco's downtown.  Our party of 22 can take more, just lemme know and we'll add to it!   It is supposed to rain Saturday on the Kids Marathon and Sunday for our event.  It will be an experience if it does!  I'm looking forward to reporting on these conditions to our cyclists.

Post race we are to meet at Dugan's Pub, 401 E. 3rd, Little Rock 501-224-0542 (this is two blocks from start line and near the finish line, they're side by side).  The Half-ers will be there 10:30 ish and the Relay-ers will be there closer to noon or after...

I thought ya'll might enjoy some old pics!