Sunday, March 6, 2011

2011 Little Rock Half and Relay

At the Capital Hotel, Jackie, Colley, Kara, Martin and Stan
(Beth pregnant and Sara not a runner...yet)

We brought Whit to the Little Rockers Kids Marathon
(Kara working, Martin in a meeting)

Birdeye Bombshells Relay time: 4:40 for 26.2 miles
Ashley Boeckmann King, Sarah Jane Bradshaw Martin and me
(Kara's sorry tail went to Target for!)

I loved Chloe staying back with Whit (who's in Kindergarten)
and making sure he finishes okay.  So sweet!  They both started
 in the 10 year old corral with Anna Claire and Connor Burrow
Sunday, March 6, 2011

This year's Little Rock Marathon held its ninth race and boasted the biggest medal EVER.  According to people in our elevator at the Hampton Inn, it's the biggest medal and got some kind of award at Runner's magazine.  For us Halfers and our new, fresh and young (except for me) first timer Relay team members, our medals are quite, quite smaller but still awesome.  And I should report Chloe and Whit's medals were fabulous too.

Our Birdeye Bombshells' relay team boasted a 4:40 time and 28/62 in the female division.  Kara's 6.2 in 1:03, my 6.9 in 1:12 (I totally struggled), Ashley King dominated the third leg 7.8 in 1:16 and Sarah Jane Martin 5.3 in 1:04.   What great fun today was!!

Chloe and Whit had a great time Saturday at the Kids run...Chloe was such a big sister to Whit.  They had a wonderful time riding in the car over to Little Rock Saturday.  After the run, we had a great lunch at the Flying Fish (details soon on the culinary blog) and those two went to town in the Hampton Inn, jumping on beds and hiding under the desk, they crack me up.  We're so blessed the two are so close.

For the half marathoners, Jackie did 13.1 in 1:56, Martin finished before him, Stan and Colley with him.  They all had a good run too and loved rehashing today's race at Dugan's Pub, that we totally loved and I hope to review soon. 

It's off to take some Advil before bed, we'll all be aching tomorrow.  Looking forward to Saturday's bike ride at Kara's.  Bob and Polly were so gracious this weekend to watch Chloe Saturday night for dinner and this morning during the race.  They're fired up for an early morning ride Saturday.  I'll be there if I can trade Saturdays.  Going to stretch the hamstrings...

Unofficial Race Results:

Male Participants
1. Mark Chepses2:24:07
2. Julius Kosgei2:29:17
3. Matthew Fecht2:29:19
4. Joseph Aulwes2:31:28
5. Hillary Kogo2:35:12
Female Participants
1. Leah Thorvilson2:45:51
2. Uli Bromme2:47:52
3. Donna Palisca2:52:29
4. Tracy Tungac3:07:44
5. Sarah Hallas3:07:48


Male Participants
1. Ezkyas Sisay1:09:39
2. Josphat Boit1:09:42
3. Jacob Johnson1:10:09
4. Bryan Glass1:10:11
5. Gabriel Ghioca1:13:01

Relay results: 
Female Participants
1. Heather McWhirter1:19:51
2. Lucie Sulewski1:21:03
3. Terri Rejimbal1:24:30
4. Lauren Merritt1:26:02
5. Emily Myers1:26:27
Male Participants
1. Team M m2:58:04
2. The Rat Pack3:01:02
3. The Go Running Rockets3:06:07
4. The Sullivans3:11:38
5. 3 Brown Guys A White Guy3:29:18
Female Participants
1. Team Hollywood3:09:29
2. Speed Divas3:22:05
3. The Free Mamas3:27:24
4. Bootcamp Beauties3:37:17
5. McCastlain3:44:38
Birdeye Bombshells     4:40*
*I love our relay team name....I'd say we were pretty close to gettin on this list, what do ya'll say? :)

This was taken at the corner of 3rd and River Market, I believe with
combined entries of full, half, relay etc, there were over 6,000 in the race.
All the categories sold out way before online entries closed.  WOW!

I had to stop and adjust my sock (rubbing a blister) and noticed
I was right in front of the governor's mansion.  Gov. Beebe was
outside waving as he normally does, I think that's so cool!
A really nice guy at registration gave our new Relay
team some advice: to let the next runner take the timing
chip off the runner's leg (this guy didn't get the message)
which is a good idea to lean over after running and to wear a trash bag while waiting to block the wind.  That was a great idea since it was 35 degrees with a 10 mph wind.   I met some super nice relayers at my relay stop.  We visited under the medic tent to stay out of that wind!

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