Sunday, March 6, 2011

East Birdeye Hosting With Special Guests!!! 3/12/2011

Hey BBC-
East Birdeye (Martin and Kara) will be hosting this coming Saturday. We will hopefully be able to do the Winona Ride (take 2) if the wind cooperates this time. Last time, we had gale force winds that limited our trip. Drumroll, please, special guests will be Bob and Polly Hardin (my parents) who requested that we ride since they would be in town. They are so jealous of the BBC and want to be included whenever possible. So hopefully, we will have a great turnout this weekend. There will be appetizers and adult beverages provided after the ride.

Also, for those of you who don't get the East and West Birdeye classifications I will attempt to explain. West Birdeye (Keeli and Jackie) live in a gated community. They have a very specific dress code (kids must be clothed in the yard). They also strictly prohibit urinating and the like in their yard. In East Birdeye, everything goes. We are not gated and oftentimes when driving by, you will witness naked children running in the yard and possibly even sight a yard urination. I hope that everyone now better understands the East/West classification.

Hope to see everyone Saturday.


  1. I somehow forgot to include a few vital pieces of info - 8:30am and Martin is tossing another route into the hat. Our typical Vandale to HWY 1, Cherry Valley loop. On HWY 1 take a detour to loop around Million Dollar Rd then home which would be around 25 miles. Sounds fun.

  2. Kara, Sorry I will not be making the ride. We are headed to the White River to try our luck at trout fishing, esp since the ice fishing didn't happen. Matt has given up exercise for lent so he couldn't attend anyway.:)))) Ya'll have fun and hopefully we can catch up soon.

  3. We'll be there...I traded Saturdays! BTW, I'm keeping with Chloe's schedule of hosting her friends for Biscuit's birthday party at noon at our house so I won't be "socializing" this week...gotta socialize at the canine!

  4. Ha, Matt gave up exercise for Lent. Love it! Jim and I can't make it either. We're heading to Little Rock bright and early on Saturday morning for Evan's first soccer "game". I absolutely love that Biscuit is having a birthday party!

  5. I plan to make it. Looking forward to trying out my new bike and my new heart rate monitor. Should really boost my performance (that's what Beth says).