Sunday, September 30, 2012

Big Dam Bridge 2012

Me, Martino, Kara, Jackie, Polly, Cecelia, Bob and Adam
Not pictured Kyle and the Blanton's

I thought this was super cool to see along the way, this
was at the beginning of the ride, he said he was going
to go to the Big Dam Bridge and watch everyone, how fun!
I believe that thang can seat 6

We were all cracking up at this guy in his banana
style cage around his recumbent bicycle...Adam
and I speculated that the cover on it was for
aerodynamics?  Who knows...

Well this is the evidence I have to show that the BBC was
trying a little peloton ...there's Martino, Jackie and Adam.
For the record we were averaging 16-17 mph on the first 20 miles
of the ride, I'd say at mile 15 I had the thighs cramping and
burning and was wondering if I'd make it to the first aid
station for a stretch....

The route this year took us over a smaller version of the Big Dam
Bridge first....I loved it...there's Adam and Jackie with
Martino up ahead....

Here's an Obama jersey with matching
Obama socks....loved it!

For evidence that the Blanton's were there I took this photo at the
2nd aid station at mile 20....Luckily, I caught  up with Lisa and we rode
on to the 40 mile aid station where I totally needed another stretch.
We caught up with Jackie and Cecelia and the 4 of us rolled in.
Martino, Kara and Bob and Polly were up ahead.
I probably should mention that this very important aid station was
out of pickles AND pickle juice.  For my cramping legs, I was
dying for some of that but was forced to take Gatorade instead.
The mile 10/40 aid station (it was an out and back route) ran out
of pickles when Cecelia got there but was passing out the juice!

The Big Dam Bridge just about 6 miles to
the finish line in North Little Rock and the last photo
I could make myself take as I was nervous with
the cramping in my legs that I wouldn't finish...I have to
confess that taking photos while on a bike,
clipped in was dangerous in some spots, I
even had fellow cyclists comment that it was
impressive I was taking photos while riding.
But if there aren't photos this blog would be
even more boring than it is, right?
We had a great showing from the BBC at yesterday's Big Dam Bridge bike ride!  We were missing usuals Dr. Beth and Stan Bradshaw, who were on call, but the Blanton's came as did Village Creek park interpreter Adam Leslie.  This was the first BDB for Adam and the Blanton's and they all fared well.  Everyone did the 52 mile bike ride and Kyle did the 100 again and posted a personal BEST time, taking 30 minutes off!  WOW!

A million thanks to Bob who used his fabulous pump to get everyone's tires in shape.  Jackie's pump had a leak in it and I was flat at 7:25 am when the thing started at 7:30.

Thankfully, Kara had a sitter hired and she took our 4 to
the discovery museum a few blocks from the hotel.  They all
had a great time!  August, Stella, Whit-a-roo and Coco.
Look at Chloe displaying this year's shirt...
At our post ride lunch at Dugan's, we all enjoyed talking about the bike ride and about Kyle's experience on the course.  I was so glad that other's in the BBC also forgot critical things: Cecelia texted me at 5:45 that she had no padded shorts, I loaned her my running shorts then Kara gave her an extra pair of Martin's shorts. Kara's parents Bob and Polly didn't have a water bottle packed, so Jackie and I took the Gatorade bottles and gave them 2 of our bottles.  I didn't pack a sports bra and realized that an underwire did just fine.  It's so nice that everyone had supplies for everyone.

Here's the times everyone's reported to me, these are riding times that don't have our 15 minute stops along the way, I am going on the honesty policy:

Kyle, 100 miles 5:33
Chuck 3:12
Adam 3:24
Kara and Martin, 54 miles, 3:25
Lisa 3:55
Keeli (map my ride) 52 miles, 3:51 BUT Lisa started 15 minutes before me and finished 5 minutes BEFORE me
Cecelia 3:54

I hope we'll get to ride this weekend, I'll let ya'll know.  I'll add the other times when I get them.  Keeli :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bike Ride this Saturday 4:30, Birdeye

These are Lisa and I's Keen sandals that clip in...we love them!

It's about time I got the CORRECT photo of Cecelia's new
specialized, that Trek was Joy Shepherd's new one!
According to Cecelia, it's a fancy and very comfortable ride!
Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I'm hosting a 4:30 pm bike ride Saturday (It was 4 but Chloe's swimming party at Maggie's starts at 2).

I know the Smith's and Killough's are rolling out and a bunch of other people, you know who you are, will be at Ole Miss, Little Rock or Chicago watching football.

We'll most likely be taking the million dollar ride which is about 20 miles on Saturday, plan on social time afterwards, sitter at my house! -Keeli