Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hey BBC- I know that I usually am horrible at posting about upcoming events, but I am trying to be a good blogger now. A little known fact about my family- I am the daughter of the "Fish Gypsy". My father is the best fish fryer ANYWHERE. He has his own traveling frying get up and is making an appearance next weekend. So, we are going to host a 3pm bike ride with the grand finale being the fabulous fishfry. I PROMISE, you won't want to miss this yummy event. So, let me know who is coming so we can have enough fish. The Fish Gypsy already has some home caught fish from lovely Lake Dardanelle, but depending on who all is coming, we might need to get some more. So COME ON!!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Bike Ride, Birdeye

Kyle and Cecelia's rolled off their car in front
of Crowley's Ridge Country Club and when it was pronounced
rideable at my house we all took off and then its chain fell off
and the Killough's only made it 4 miles roundtrip.  But at least
the post ride partee was fun, we had a great time catching up!

The BBC got a shout out in Cherry Valley coming in on the
home stretch by a driver that yelled, "Go Green!" haha!
Neall, Jackie, Becca, Jimmy, Beth, me Beth, Cecelia, Kyle and Stan

Cecelia told me that these socks were given to Kyle by his
parents who always get him a pair of socks when they travel,
alrighty then, I'd say these are vintage...

Chloe and Whit at the Little Rocker's Kids
Marathon 2 weeks ago, fun, fun!
Sunday, March 18, 2012

What fun it was to have such a great crowd yesterday for our scheduled 32 miler that ended up being changed due to wind gusts.  Martino decided going south to the Vanndale loop would be easier on us than battling the Weona flats.  So that's what we did and I can give Beth Bradshaw a standing ovation for speeding past me on the Vanndale Hill therefore I give her the polka dot jersey for getting up Kara and I's infamous foul language hill.  I was just behind her but she made it first for the females and I'm proud that she took my advice to stand up on the hills in a lower gear.

Now to the Killoughs and Jacksons who both suffered chain problems....The Killough's had all kinds of troubles with their tandem's chain and so forth.  Neall lost his chain at Vanndale and cut out the Million Dollar loop and went straight on to Birdeye.  We caught up with them at Cherry Valley on the last leg of the trip.

The post partee was a ton of fun and I'm so thankful that everyone drank our beer.  We've been sitting on a lot of use it or lose it beer from the club and I'm glad most of it's gone, thank goodness!  Cecelia made the most divine  corned beef terrine, Beth Bradshaw and I both made the same spinach dip, and Becca, Beth and Kara's dips were wiped out!  Thankfully the girls got me some extra chips so we were chip plentiful in the end.  Thanks again to everyone who rolled out and I'm looking forward to the next bike ride!

I hope Becca and Neall will host soon so I can blog about their renovated kitchen and house! -Keeli

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Road Bike 3 pm this Saturday 3-17-12

Martin and Kara hosted on Super Bowl Sunday
Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jackie and I are hosting a road bike ride from our house in Birdeye this Saturday, March 17, 2012.  Kara and I've talked about doing the Weona bike ride, it's 32 miles round trip.  That should give us time to discuss Kyle's Time Trial...just sayin!

So get fired up and wear green on Saturday!  Bring something green to celebrate St. Patrick's Day at the post ride fiesta.  I'm making green sugar cookies and we have plenty of beer!  See you all Saturday! Keeli

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Little Rock Marathon and Half, Sunday, March 4, 2012

The BBC at the Little Rock Marathon and Half 2012
Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's taken me a little time to get our race results from Sunday's foot race in Little Rock.  I love the Little Rock Half!  I first did this race in 2007 with a time of 2:26 and I was thrilled Sunday with a quicker time and I felt great for the first time ever after a race.  I think I'm going to have to give a shout out to my physical therapy from Dr. Jeremy Swymn and some P90X2.

Okay so here are the results and a shout out to Martin and Stan who completed their first 26.2 mile race.  When I asked Martin at lunch after the marathon how it went and he said, "that's the last marathon I'll ever do".  Alrighty then!

Full Results:

Martin Smith 4:09:00
Stan Bradshaw 4:13:38

Half Results:

Michael Hirons 1:54:51
Colley Burrow 1:55:06
Jackie Smith 2:02:35
Jimmy Huff 2:29:00

The Ladies' Half Results:

Stacey Boeckmann Riley 1:58:24  (blazing fast speed!)
Myself 2:13:13
Beth Huff 2:25:36
Beth Bradshaw 2:26:11
Ashley King 2:26:14
Kara Smith 2:27:00

Each one of these times except Jackie's were personal bests!  I am proud of our cycling crew!  Kara and I are ready to plan a cycling event ssooonnn!!!