Monday, July 9, 2012

Today's ride...

Sunday, July 8, 2012

We were thrilled that Adam Leslie, park interpreter, came along today!
He loves to mountain bike and has a road bike!

Jackie waiting on Lisa and I, she had a chain failure...

Jackie, Beth, Stan, Chuck and Adam

This is Stan's new seat, it's a THUD BUSTER,
recommended by Kyle and purchased on Nashbar.
Stan said it's a perfect seat and he was less
fatigued than before with his new's awesome, I think!

That's Beth, Stan and Jackie on the trail

Tyler was coming home from a rodeo this morning and saw Jackie's bike
along side the road....its chain and biking cables removed...

See the grip missing...

The bike, it is in bad shape, the back tire is all jacked up and loose

Happy Birfday Martino!  I got an email from them that said they won't get to Lima until tomorrow night because of bad weather in Dallas....I just know they're celebrating on their vacation anyway!  A giant shoutout to all that rolled out today for our 2 hour ride, Blanton's, Bradshaw's, us and Adam...I'd say we did 9 miles and it was GREAT with all shade out there, no sun at all I tell ya!  The jury is still out on what happened to Jackie's bike.  I think we outta fix it and give it to Jimmy so those two will join us.  My pro flex did mighty fine today I will say.  She's like butter, vintage butter!  I love mountain biking!! -Keeli

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mountain Bike Ride this Sunday

Jackie's Cross Trail bike for our upcoming Colorado trip..
look at the rack on that thing

David Reagler's Pro Flex he gave me a few months ago.
I took her out on the trail a couple weeks ago and she
rides like a beauty.  She's in the shop for a higher stem
and I get to pick her up today.  I'm excited about tomorrow's
ride at Village Creek....Isn't she a dandy?
Hotter than a Firecracker riders....Neall, Jon David, Jimmy,
Ashley, Martino, Kara, Jackie, Stan, Beth and Beth.
We rode about 24 miles Wednesday.  And I got to take
Joy Shepherd up to the cemetery and back on Beth
Huff's bike and it looks like we may have a new rider...:)

When I took this shot the camera said I was outta memory so I
had to bike and delete photos because I was bound and
determined to get a photo of the 2nd highest hill in Cross
County.....see below....

The's tough but I had Jason add two
climbing gears for me so hills aren't too bad...

Happy 4th from Birdeye
Saturday, July 6, 2012

The Bradshaw's are meeting Jackie and I at Village Creek tomorrow at 3 pm for a mountain bike ride.  I have to confess with a 50% chance of badly needed rain tomorrow, I really hope it gets rained out.  I'll be picking up David's Pro Flex today at Gearhead and getting fitted for her.  I am ready to give her a spin before we ride the Rio Grande this summer.  So I hope ya'll will roll out Sunday at 3 pm.  Plan on a 9 mile, 2 hour ride.  See ya'll there! -Keeli  (if it looks rainy and you're not sure, text me 362-5679)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Time Update - Hotter than a Firecracker Ride July 4th

Update!!!!  Due to the EXTREME weather conditions, we are moving back our ride to 8am (not 9am).  I am also planning a barbecue chicken early lunch with homemade Bassham peach icecream (could it really be the 4th without homemade ice cream???).  So set your alarm clock a little earlier and pack your water bottles (plural) and come on out to East Birdeye (Kara and Martin's House) tomorrow morning.