Monday, July 9, 2012

Today's ride...

Sunday, July 8, 2012

We were thrilled that Adam Leslie, park interpreter, came along today!
He loves to mountain bike and has a road bike!

Jackie waiting on Lisa and I, she had a chain failure...

Jackie, Beth, Stan, Chuck and Adam

This is Stan's new seat, it's a THUD BUSTER,
recommended by Kyle and purchased on Nashbar.
Stan said it's a perfect seat and he was less
fatigued than before with his new's awesome, I think!

That's Beth, Stan and Jackie on the trail

Tyler was coming home from a rodeo this morning and saw Jackie's bike
along side the road....its chain and biking cables removed...

See the grip missing...

The bike, it is in bad shape, the back tire is all jacked up and loose

Happy Birfday Martino!  I got an email from them that said they won't get to Lima until tomorrow night because of bad weather in Dallas....I just know they're celebrating on their vacation anyway!  A giant shoutout to all that rolled out today for our 2 hour ride, Blanton's, Bradshaw's, us and Adam...I'd say we did 9 miles and it was GREAT with all shade out there, no sun at all I tell ya!  The jury is still out on what happened to Jackie's bike.  I think we outta fix it and give it to Jimmy so those two will join us.  My pro flex did mighty fine today I will say.  She's like butter, vintage butter!  I love mountain biking!! -Keeli

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