Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Little Rock 1/2 Marathon and Marathon Relay, March 6, 2011

This is from 2009 Little Rock Half
Stan, Beth, Ben Meyer, Jackie, me and Kara (this is the year
Martin has his appendectomy...glad that's behind us!)

Chloe's first Kids Marathon with BFF Anne Claire Burrow
Little Rock 2010

2010 Little Rock Half
Me, Jackie, Beth, Stan, Martin, Colley Burow
(Kara pregnant with Auggie)

2007 St. Jude Memphis Half Marathon with Chloe
(Jackie was my glucometer man and started
running after this one!)
Just thought I'd tell ya'll that we'll be in Little Rock this weekend for the Little Rock events.  Chloe and Whit will be at the Kids Marathon Saturday, Chloe's third kids marathon, how fun!  Kara, Ashley King, Sarah Jane Martin and I are all splitting the Marathon Relay.  I'm excited about this event.  It's my fourth time to do the Little Rock, this is my first relay.  We can't wait....First leg Kara, 6.2 miles, second leg me 6.9 miles, third leg Ashley King the big 7.8 miles and Sarah Jane the fourth leg 5.8 miles to the finish line.  We are so excited and will give a report next week about it.  For you non-runners, we have dinner reservations at 6:30 pm at Bosco's downtown.  Our party of 22 can take more, just lemme know and we'll add to it!   It is supposed to rain Saturday on the Kids Marathon and Sunday for our event.  It will be an experience if it does!  I'm looking forward to reporting on these conditions to our cyclists.

Post race we are to meet at Dugan's Pub, 401 E. 3rd, Little Rock 501-224-0542 (this is two blocks from start line and near the finish line, they're side by side).  The Half-ers will be there 10:30 ish and the Relay-ers will be there closer to noon or after...

I thought ya'll might enjoy some old pics!


  1. Yall will have an awesome time!! Good luck, I will be thinking about you.

  2. We all survived! Martin, Jackie, Colley and stan did the half unde 2 hours! ! Kara, Sarah Jane Martin, ashley boeckmann King and I completed the 26 mile relay somewhere around 4:15. We're all alive....I struggled with mine but I'm alive! Kara and I want to ride bikes Saturday ....we'll let y'all know soon!