Saturday, March 12, 2011

Milliondollar Loop

I love the cycling jersey Neall gave me last summer.  It fits perfectly and I totally
use those back pockets!  Notice the stain on my shoulder, I am a gigantic spitter
and nose blower when riding.  It's actually kinda dangerous to be near me on a bike,
just ask Neall and Martin....I do try and look over my shoulder before getting rid of either!

Stan with his new carbon Trek

Pre-ride, Kyle cracks me up holding his bike over his head!
Chuck, Kara, Becca, Neall, Kyle, Stan, Jackie, Cecilia, Martin, Bob,
Polly and me...

This is Bob Hardin's Trek...nice Bob!  And impressive climb on the Cherry Valley Hill on the last 6 mile leg back....nice!  He also said he loves these pants...I may need to get a pair.

Our break at Cross County Bank (nice of everyone to wait on Becca, Neall and me)
Stan also reported the seat on this Carbon Madone was excellent...
The Madone...Stan picked a sharp bike!
Saturday, March 12, 2011

What a beautiful day for a bike ride!  Thanks Kara for hosting today.  We did the Vanndale Loop with an added stretch of Milliondollar road which added 6 miles to the trip.  On my speedometer, we cycled 24 miles in 1:43.  There was a 10 mph north wind that made the ride challenging and fun (if fellow cyclists want to say it was more than 10, please tell me, I am estimating the stinking wind).  I love to work hard on the bike.  We took breaks at Vanndale, Milliondollar road and Cross County Bank in Cherry Valley.  I so, so enjoyed visiting with Cecilia and Becca and Neall on the ride.  Chuck gave me good advice for worldwide travel.  I didn't take Kyle's advice and do more rpm's while chatting with Becca and Neall about local news and events.  I kept it in the hard gear to stay back and chat, I wanted to work hard and it was worth it.  Becca and Neall are just precious, I just love them! 

I am so sad I missed the post ride social time, Jackie reported beer and Boar's Head sandwiches, dang it, I hate I missed it.  But, I kept my day in check and picked up some of Chloe's friends for Biscuit's birthday party.  I don't like to brag, but it was a good party for the little fella.  Everyone had a great time.

This weather is giving me spring fever!  I want to ride this Saturday too.  I work till noon, who wants to host???

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  1. What a gorgeous day for a ride. I also enjoyed the Million Dollar Rd addition. It was nice,no cars and paved all the way. I am getting Spring Fever and am ready for another ride next weekend - who is hosting?