Monday, March 14, 2011

Kids Triathlon, Wynne

Chloe at the Lemonade Tri in Jonesboro, at Craighead
Forrest Park, in June 2010
Monday, March 14, 2011

I'd like to invite all cyclists and blog readers to meet me at the Crowley's Ridge Country Club Board meeting at 6 pm this Wednesday, March 16.  I am meeting with the board about trying to have a kids triathlon on August 20, 2011.  This is the brain child of Becca and me.  I dreamt a few years ago about having a "warm up tri" at the club for Chloe's birthday, but since her birthday is nearly 3 weeks before Memorial Day when the pool opens, I haven't done it.  Since Becca's joined our cycling crew, we've talked about this over many-a bike rides.  So ya'll join us Wednesday at 6, we're first on the agenda and we can leave soon after so the board can do their meeting.  If you can't attend but wanna help, lemme know.  I am looking forward to planting a seed about the ease and fun of a multi sport event.  Fire up!

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  1. I'd love to help with the triathlon, but I won't be able to make it to Wednesday's meeting!