Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Birdeye to Village Creek and Kyle's NEW Bike

This is Kyle's new bike...HE made HIMSELF...amazing!

I love taking action shots from my bike...look at the length of that there chain...

We had a little pow-wow about the upcoming Kids Triathlon at the country club and here are the boys investigating this new bike...

Customizing his bike, Kyle added Guinness bottle caps...what a nice touch....
Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wynne Presbyterian Church had church Sunday at Village Creek State Park.  Jackie had the idea to ride bikes from Birdeye to the park.  Thanks to Memaw and Grandad for gettin the kids and driving them the 20 miles!  Martin, Jackie and I met Kyle along the Bay Road.  Kyle mentioned he was trying a new bike and when we got to the country club to talk about the Midsouth Kids Triathlon, I was surprised to find out Kyle made the bike.  He cut two Schwinns in half and welded them together to form a type of recumbent bike.  AMAZING!  That's really AMAZING...when we got to Village Creek, he reported it was in fine shape.  I meant to ask him about the gears he had on there and how they worked but you know how a potluck is, lots of talk...He did ride on to Forrest City after church, which was about 50 miles round trip.  Next time ya'll see Kyle, ask him about this bike and that gear...Keeli

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