Saturday, June 11, 2011

Feckin Spiced

Though it has been some time since I posted last, I have not been slack in trying new whiskeys. One of the latest I have tried is Feckin Spiced. This is an unusual one in that it is only 35% alcohol. It is distilled by Cooley Distillery in County Louth, Ireland and is the only independent Irish-owned whiskey distillery in Ireland.

The whiskey is very unusual in that it has been infused with cinnamon and vanilla flavoring. (Thus the reason for the lower alcohol content) The nose is vanilla while on the palate it is almost syrupy. There are definite cinnamon overtones on the finish which, in and of itself, is full.

For the purists, this is not a whiskey to try. It will come across as extremely sweet and out of the norm. However, if someone is new and has a penchant for sweet drinks, this would be excellent for them to try. It is an extremely great mixer especially with colas. You could probably even try with a little ice cream.


  1. Alrighty chuck ....sounds like you need to bring this one out next BBC ride....thanks again for the buster's order ...was fun seeing You riding bikes yesterday ..that red Jersey was way visible!

  2. Sounds like Irish Southern Comfort, I suggest Bud Lightweight as a Mixer!