Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cycling to Charlie Brown's Farm, Wynne

Oh me and Chuck, known for setting the pace....
He was really just ready to knock out this bike ride so
he could go to Memphis and get his new car....I can't wait to drive it
(if girls are allowed, I heard interesting stories on this subject)

Downtown Wynne...look at my shadow on the bike...creepy!

Rep. Jerry Brown-Wynne Ark, stopped to ask us if we needed
a ride or any kind of supplies, how nice!

At our usual stop on the Charlie Brown loop, there's Stan with
big time nausea....Martin said he tried to "hook it" too!
He survived but it took him 20 minutes of rest before getting back on....

I found out something new about my cycling mentor Kyle....
He's ridden in 5 -100 mile bike rides in the last year....what?  How
could I have missed this...he's been changing my tires, telling me
how to attack hills, save my knees and all....Sorry Kyle, I give you
the gold crown.... I love your skill and toughness on the bike.
He made this one, I'll let him chime in....comment below please!

The ladies join the crew at the Charlie Brown fueling intersection

I had to add photos of Chloe and Whit with her BFF since
Kindergarten Lizzie Brawner...they had such a GREAT time
 on the slide and everywhere else.  Fun times!
Saturday, August 27, 2011

Thanks to everyone who rolled out last Saturday!  It was a great 20 mile out and back loop.  I think everyone has been so ready to ride since we've all had summer activities and other things!  We had a good turn out I think.  Plans are to ride next Saturday from Birdeye at 7 am a 62 mile loop or shorter like Jackie and I will do and Monday from Birdeye at 8:30 am a 38 mile loop.  It's so much more fun riding in a group...someone always has a gu or extra Gatorade or band aids.  I'm looking forward to Saturday!  Thanks again to all who rode and to Kyle, who once again educated me on true cyclists...I don't think I'll ever be in the club.  Just sayin....:)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Quick report on bad cycling knees:  I saw my orthopedic specialist today...after Xrays and exam he said look at my knees and quads....yes, my bad knee's quad is 20 % less than my good wonder it's weaker since surgery in the 1980s.  He said since I never had rehab and he said I should strengthen it...which is exactly right.  I haven't done p90x legs and back for a year and a half and I never do my weak knee "to protect it" which is NOT what's happened.  I've been instructed to get lefty back in shape by doing more reps on lefty than strong right.  It makes sense, I'll report back I promise.  P90X was ROUGH today and my glutious maximus was so sore after work, I'd say it's working.  I'm to report back in 8 weeks...:)

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