Friday, July 29, 2011

Cycling in Ponte Vedra, Florida

The A1A in Ponte Vedra

We went by this golf course...

Closer to Ponte Vedra there were these large, beautiful homes covered in tropical
trees and live oaks

This looked like a Frank Lloyd Wright house being built

Closer to St. Augustine, there were several natural preserves

Chloe loved the beach and found several shark teeth
Wednesday, July 26, 2011

Jackie and I met up with his classmates at Sallie's grandmother Mame's house on the beach at Ponte Vedra, Florida.  It was Mook's idea to gather his former roommates together this summer since everyone was turning 40 this year.  We had a great time even with our 12-1/2 hour road trip to get there.  We gave Chloe a shout out for making it down there without one "are we there yet?"  I have to give the shout out to the bag of stuff I had in the car as well as the portable dvd player. 

We brought our road bikes and Chloe's mountain bike and rode pretty much everyday.  In the middle of the week, Amy Trocchi offered to watch Chloe so Jackie and I could get in a long ride.  He'd planned on us making it all the way to St. Augustine but we realized that would have been twice as long as we told Amy and over 60 miles round trip.  We headed out on the A1A south from Ponte Vedra to the outskirts of St. Augustine.  It was a cool 75 degrees and overcast when we left and at our pit stop on the way back where we enjoyed a snickers and Coke,  The closer we got back to Ponte Vedra, the sun was coming out and my mile ticker registered at 39.6 in the driveway.  The A1A has a bike lane all the way to Miami and was great.  There were a TON of cyclists on the road back and forth as well as a tandem bike.  Boy was I glad we didn't do the 60 miles, it was so stinking hot at the end of it we wouldn't have made it.  And there was only one gas station on the trip for a pit stop and boy were we glad to get that break in.

For the first time, I think I logged in right on map my ride and here's a link:

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