Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tailgate to Celebrate Mighty Mite Finish!!!!

2011 Mighty Mite
Hey BBC and anyone else interested- We want to tailgate after we finish the Triathlon this Saturday in lovely downtown Forrest City. Becca, Neall, Keeli, J.Harmon, Stan (if Beth doesn't go into labor before), Michael, Martin and I are all registered and ready to swim/bike and run. We are hoping we don't have another 100+++ heatwave. So, our tri starts at Village Creek at 8am where we swim. We then hop on our bikes and ride (13 miles) the backroads to EACC. We then jump off our bikes, put on our running shoes and run on down (3miles) to the finish line in Forrest City. We plan on having beers to celebrate around 10:30 or 11. If you finish a triathlon, you don't have to follow the "No Beers Before Noon" rule, btw.
So even if you don't enter, come for some post race celebration. GO BBC Triathletes Go!!! -Kara

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A big thanks to Kyle, engineer of the BBC, for showing up and supporting his fellow cyclists!  We had a great time yesterday and everyone was thrilled with their finishing times.  Jackie reported the swim buoys were placed farther than last year, I report that by doing the side stroke and Kyle's boy scout back stroke, I looked Lake Dunn in the eyes and made it outta there without panic, Becca reported she got a penalty for minding her own business on the bike,  Dr. Price decided that he better go see someone about his shoulder, Beth hasn't had that baby yet (shes' a week overdue dang it) and overall, everyone had a good time.  The tailgate was fun and I'm lookin forward to the next triathlon as long as the run isn't longer than a 5K!   I'm looking forward to your comments BBC!  -Keeli

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