Sunday, February 6, 2011

Whiskey post

As I am not the most conversant blogger and this is my first try at this, please forgive me if I ramble. Since Kyle is the cycling expert extraordinaire, even though this is a bicycling blog, I have decided to comment on things on which I have a fondness i.e. the refreshments after the ride. However, I am not a beer drinker and will, therefore, only be discussing wine and liquors.

After the ride of 1/23/2011, I brought out a Knappogue Castle 12 year old single malt Irish whiskey. For those who are not familiar whiskey types, Irish whiskies are not as peaty as Scotch whiskey. Scotch malt whiskeys are heated over peat fires while Irish whiskeys are heated in enclosed kilns. Irish whiskey are also typically tripled distilled vs the double distilled of Scotch whiskey. In addition, the Irish whiskey tends to have a lighter taste than Scotch though this is not always the case.

At this time in Ireland, there are only three (3) active distilleries in the entire country. Knappogue Castle is distilled by the Bushmills distillery located in Northern Ireland. It is a very light malt whiskey with hints of rose-water and it is somewhat dry. It is aged in bourbon barrels and has no sherry overtones. For those who are not used to whiskeys, this is an excellent starter whiskey as it is not overpowering and tends to be very mellow. The price range for this whiskey is ~$30 - $35 per 750 ml bottle.


  1. We so enjoyed the post ride whiskey tasting. It was a ton of fun to try so many, interesting types of whiskeys. I think this is the one I liked the most, right?? I'll have to ask Cecilia, we agreed there was one inparticular that we both liked. I am impressed Chuck that you were blogging during the Super Bowl. I wish the Steelers had won. I'm ready for warmer weather for a ride to try the whiskeys again..hope ya'll are ready to host!

  2. Nice whiskey post Chuck, last irish whiskey I had was blackbush off a table in St. Louis, I will tell you the story sometime.

  3. Jackie- that is a classic blackbush story.
    Chuck- I think in honor of our lesson, our BBC needs to pack up, go to Ireland, bike and get a more hands on class on Irish whiskey. What do you think? Kind of like field investigation/learning.