Monday, February 14, 2011

Kyle's recommendation for chronic knee pain

CoCo and Whit sleddin....
Thursday, February 10, 2011

During our snow storm yesterday, Kyle emailed me his recommendations for my knee pain.  I loved that he has such a different style for riding bikes.  I've copied this from my email:

The answer of course is to spin like a lunatic but you have stated you don't care for the free and easy life of the spinner . So, what to do? Let technology come to the rescue! Go to the Gearhead and ask for a new speedometer/computer with a "cadence" function and live by the numbers, ie: nothing below 90 rpm and better yet, try to stay above 100 rpm. RPM is the revolutions your pedals are turning and you are killing your knees because I've watched your pedaling style and you average about 60 rpm. Too much pressure and torque on the joints at that rpm, you much change today! Just as I must refrain from single malt Scotch for breakfast you must lay off mashing the big gears. Drink the spinners punch, you'll learn to like it and besides it will make you a better rider and a healthier person. It's about aerobics, not weight lifting.

RPM's rule!
Coach Kyle

I'd like to also report that Jackie and I are back from an absolutely wonderful weekend in Oklahoma City where we did Edmond's Frigid Five mile run.  I had my knee brace on and it did the job (as well as my new Breakaway Running shoes!)  I'm looking forward to the Little Rock Relay in a couple weeks.  And for you runners, we are all going to do a 10K in downtown Memphis Saturday, February 26 at 10 am, followed by music, food and beer.

I'm also going to try this new approach to riding this Saturday! -Keeli

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