Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mountain Bike at the Killough's

View overlooking Wittsburg with crew lookin at me!

Kyle changing my handle nice!

Kyle was SO excited about these cyclocross tires...
he did need a "tool" along the way for tweaking...

After a good Kyle lecture,
Jackie trying the 4 foot hump...

Kara couldn't let an old Jackster beat her...she made it too!

The homemade chimenea...Kyle loves the heat from this thing in that chair...

Alrighty's time for some spirits
 and a babysitter to sit out here...just sayin..
Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kyle and Cecilia hosted a wonderful 1-1/2 hour 7-8 mile mountain bike loop around their property off Hwy 64B.  Thankfully Kyle opened up his bike shop and took a look at my hand-me-down bike that needed some tweaking.  We set off around 3:30 and made it back to their house at 5 pm when the sun was setting.  The ride was great and a ton of fun.  We had a little, steep hill to conquer, see pictures from Jackie and Kara.  Cecilia and I just walked our bikes on up, but with Kyle giving lectures about how to handle a hill of that little size, Jackie and Kara had to attack it.  We so enjoyed the tips from Kyle.  Cecilia had a great post ride menu of smoked gouda cheese, a curry dip and two delicious sweets.  Kara brought some Fat Tire (I think) beer and we brought my favorite Syrah, 2009 Rosemount.  We so enjoyed the conversation on their super nice patio.  Someone brought up the stepping stones that led to what looked like a burnt out barrel.  Kyle immediately told how he invented a REAL chimenea out of an old tractor part.  He went on about how the chimenea's send the heat up out of the top instead of at you.  So he made this one so the heat would warm him from the front instead of up and out.  We loved his description of how it was made, how he literally built his own house and the patio we were sitting on as well as other things.  We loved, loved the conversation! 

We hope to be on the bikes soon.  We had a huge blast of 20 degree temps and it could be two weeks until the temperatures rise for a bike ride.  Ya'll be safe!

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