Monday, January 24, 2011

Eastman Roadster

This is the box that the Eastman Roadster arrived in. It was repackaged at the bike shop in Madison, WI. Only one part was busting out of the side, so no complaints. I can imagine the original box from India being made of wood and stuffed with straw. The parts were wrapped in wax paper, plain brown paper , and/or plastic.

Here are the parts all laid out with a few extra to boot ( courtesy of the bike shop) due to the numerous scratches and dents. The factory in India has no climate control so the painted parts came complete with not only the noted S/D 's but rust and rust under the paint, top that!

The bike is taking shape but it is not easy to put together because it is the most crudely made product I have ever come across, but oh what Character! The nuts and bolts do fit one another but many of them confounded me as to what wrench would fit, standard or metric or Hindi, who knows? I felt lucky that the wheels were assembled and even the tires were mounted and inflated with air.

I suppose an attempt to modernize

the 1913 replica resulted in these great looking and colorful stickers which of course I heated with a hair dryer and pulled them off , wouldn't want to hide the genuine hand painted pin stripes and classic Victorian looks.

Please notice the Eastman name stamped into the chainring, that's classy! The project is almost complete and yes it took all these tools and then some.

Yes Sir, built to last ! Steel rims don't get bent up, metal rod brakes don't break cables and an enclosed chain keeps out the abusive grit. Notice the Woods/Dunlop tire valve, any kind of pump will work and maybe even huffing and puffing on a rubber hose. What, no gears! gears are for wimps, right?
What's up with the white paint? Why its British safety law at work, the paint must be 12 sq. inches and 18 inches above the tarmac. The 7 ! ply tires state " Inflate Hard".
Hope to see ya on the road while I'm rid'n the roadster, wait for me cause I movin' slow.

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