Monday, June 17, 2013

Gearhead Triathlon, Jonesboro

JR Thomas, Thomas McCutcheon, Jake Haralson,
Bryce Dodson, me and Jackie
 Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day Ya'll!  I have to brag that Jackie and I rolled out and got on the road by 6:15 this morning and had a generous amount of time to get our stuff situated at the Gearhead Tri at Craighead Forrest Park.  The place wasn't packed at 7 am when we were getting our stuff laid out in the transition area.  We've waited until the last minute for Chloe's tri's and several Mighty Mites.  Today I simply thought I didn't want that stress and waste of energy by arriving late since it'll be the only tri we're doing this year.  It worked perfectly and it was an easy triathlon for me, easy like Sunday morning, I kid you not.  I'll still swim all summer with Kara and ride bikes too...I'll let ya'll know when the next ride is!

This race was a 500 yard swim, 10 mile bike and 3 mile run. Here are our results:

Jake Haralson 1:22:15
Bryce Dodson 1:24:15
Thomas McCutcheon 1:30:43
Jackie 1:32:32
me 1:33:28
JR Thomas 1:37:39
I cannot tell you all the TRILL I had when I figured out that
the Aquapac I bought 2 years ago could fit my Dexcom
sensor and pump in it.  It was a huge beast I had to stuff down my
tri shorts but it was so worth it knowing where I am in regards
to blood sugar during a long race.

Birdeye's next triathlete...August!

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