Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bike to Village Creek for Church with Wynne Presbyterian

Another great ride to Harrisburg and back for most of us Memorial Day
Martin, Oliver, me, Cecelia, Jackie, Stan, Beth, Julie, Kyle, Kara, Lisa and Chuck
Thursday, June 6, 2013

Kara and I, along with husbands, are riding bikes to the Wynne Presbyterian Church service at Village Creek State Park Pavillion 3 on Sunday for potluck brunch and informal service to meet our new pastor Rev. Mike McCracken and his family.  Plans are to meet at the Crowley's Ridge Country at 8:30 am, and make the 10 mile ride to the park.  Anyone is invited that would like to ride out there.  We're sending our brunch items with family, fyi.  There's a 40% chance of rain, if it looks iffy, call me 870-362-5679 and I'll let you know if we're changing plans!  -Keeli

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