Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mucka Mania 5K & 10K

The BBC....Michael Hirons, Beth Bradshaw, me, Jackie,
Chloe and Martin....all of which placed in their age groups!
Not a bad showing I'd say, especially since I haven't run
one time since the Little Rock Half in March!
Saturday, June 9, 2012

Congratulations to the BBC for participating in this morning's Mucka Mania 5K & 10K.   This was the first event for this local running club in Wynne and a mighty nice, well organized event.  It started about 8:05 and results were handed out about 10:30.  Chloe decided on Thursday night that she'd run it and ended up winning her age group with a 37 minute finishing time, we're so proud of her!  So a shout out goes to the Mucka group with a big gold star for a well run event.  There's talk of a next year.  Results please:

Michael, 2nd in age group 30-39, with a time of 54:58  **Stearns must have made a mistake on medals?
Martino, 1st in age group 30-39, with a time of 55:38
Jackie, 2nd in Master Group, with a time of 1:02:59
Myself, 1st in age group 40-49  and only because of the top finishers getting awards 5 deep), with a time of 1:04:13
Beth Bradshaw and Chloe did the 5K and a shout out to Beth for watching over her while we finished the 10K!
Beth, 1st in age group 30-39, with a time of 35:06
Coco, 1st and only in age 11-12, with a time of 37:14

Great showing ya'll!  Fellow runner and Prebyterian Elise Barry finished with a blazing pace of 1:02:42 in the 10K and got 4th OVERALL! -Keeli

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