Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mountain Bike Ride this Sunday 6/24/12

Good Lord..that's my insulin pump on my hip
and that's Jackie with hair standing straight up:)

Yes, I took this of the view of the large red buoy that marks
the 250 yard turn around for the 500 yard made me
totally nervous....I was number 8 going in the lake and probably
number 125 getting out of the lake of the 131 entered...I swam
at a total snail pace...

This is the transition area when we got there...

A shout out to Stearns Race Timing for a well run event!!
Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hey Ya'll!  I thought I'd let ya'll know how FABULOUSLY run the Gearhead Tri was on Sunday!  We had a great Father's Day at the race.  There were about 131 participants, their biggest crowd ever.  Jackie and I were so thankful to have spent the night at Benton and Alexis' the night before so our morning was much easier without the travel worries.  One thing about the Gearhead Tri are the hills.  The hills on the bike course are up and down, up and down and then there are two final hills rolling back into the park that will get you, so to speak, if you are in the wrong gear like I always am.  The run is no easy feat either, there are the same first two miles of the bike course that you run on and they are not easy at all.  In fact, when a 46 year old (I only noticed her age because we were all marked on the back of our calves in black permanent marker) blew past me going who knows how fast and I thought I'd catch her tail but couldn't muster the energy....It was a tough tri I will say.  And I am not interested at all in the Mighty Mite unless I get some serious training on...

So this Sunday we're planning to meet at Village Creek State Park at 2 pm to try out Jackie's new fancy mountain bike.  He got a Specialized bike from Gearhead on Monday after his Trek Hybrid was stolen last week.  We have a Colorado bike trip planned for Chloe and I and he was ready to get his bike up and rolling.  David Reagler gave me an old mountain bike a few weeks ago that I recently had serviced and looked over.  It's a Pro Flex and I cannot wait to get her on the trail on Sunday!

And this is what you get when there's not many in your
new, Masters Age Group....I'm officially old!
Ted Herget, owner of Gearhead, won the thing with a
blazing time of 51:41...that's insane!  Congrats Ted!
Ok ya'll, come on out Sunday for a couple hours for a mountain bike ride. Meet at the visitor's center at 2 pm.  I'll bring adult beverages and some Ponchos Dip and Chips for post ride fun.  I hope ya'll can make it to see Jackie's new, super duper, orange bike! :)

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