Monday, May 21, 2012

Memorial Day Bike Rides, Birdeye

This is from my phone on the bike...reminds me of texting
and driving.....Kara left us in the DUST.....It's time to train baby!

We had a communication difficulty so this is our photo on
my camera when we were about to head to was about
15 miles one way to work and hot as you know what on the way
back, so I had Memaw take me back
Monday, May 21, 2012

Hi Ya'll!

I want to go for a bike ride on Saturday at 9 am.  Plan to meet at our house to do the Million Dollar Road ride, about 25 miles.  I'll have snacks afterwards.

We are planning a Memorial Day bike ride on Monday at 10 am from my house.  But this ride is to practice for the Time Trial on Sunday June 3.  Kyle wants to practice the timing with spotters.  I know I have Kara, Jharmon, Lisa and Cecilia helping on June 3.  If ya'll can be spotters at the finish line on June 3 that would be great. I also need a volunteer to help me put out signs and cones from Birdeye to the Lake Poinsett State Park and to stay with me to mark down the riders when they turn around and then go back and pick up signage when it's all done.

I am also looking for a volunteer to pick up our keg at Ghost River on Saturday, June 2 from 9-3 and deliver to the time trial on Sunday.  And you have to be trusted not to tap it too...

So if ya'll wanna ride Saturday or Monday lemme know! MONDAY WE'RE COOKING OUT AFTER THE PRACTICE!!!-Keeli

**Kara and I have changed up the Saturday ride to 5:30 departure at Birdeye


  1. I may ride Monday if we get back from the lake on Sunday.

  2. Glad the King's are coming, keep in mind we can share Chloe as a sitter for the big kids on Monday! Kara and I have changed the time of Saturday's ride to 5:30 am because she's workin that day! So meet us at the corner of Hwy 42 and Hwy 163!