Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tentative Bike Ride this Saturday, Feb. 4, 2012-Moved to Sunday 2/5/12 at 2

Our crew yesterday with two new members of the BBC,
Johnny and Beverly Edwards of Wynne.  So it's Neall, Johnny,
Beverly, Kyle, Jimmy, Becca, Beth, me, Jackie, Kara, Martin and
Ashley...burr it was a breezy ride but I think everyone dressed
appropriately and had water and all on board!

I just had to get a pic of Kara's shoes...this is her Garneau shoe
covers that kept her warm.  We stopped at the Colt Exxon and
she had to use the facilities and the cashier asked her where she
got her shoes at...Kara replied, "huh, you wanna know where
these came from...?" Duh...we all cracked up because they do
make her feet look like Duck feet....:)

Kyle commented at church today that his one gear Schwinn bike
gave a great workout on our 20 mile, rolling hills, bike ride.
What's the name of this bike Kyle?
Saturday, February 4, 2012

It is to rain today at 2:30 so we've changed the bike ride to Sunday at 2 with plans to watch the Super Bowl at Kara's at least until half time (since it is a school night).  Kara's sharing her BBQ Boston Butt, I'm making Stan's famous broccoli salad and Kara's making a dessert.  I think the boys are going to try and go on a long run at 2:30 today if it's not raining.

Road bike tomorrow at 2 from Kara's, see ya'll then!  -Keeli
Fire up for Ashley King, sorry I didn't get her all the way in
this photo, but she's sporting her NEW Dolce Specailized bike
with those red handle bars....we all just loved this bike...I'm
kinda jealous since my Dolce is gray and 5 years old now....

How fun is it that Becca has had her trouble maker hound
that she adopted from me 5 years ago go to her forever home.
She got a text on the bike ride that Ollie had left with her adopter
(I didn't have the heart to tell her that I gave her number out to
three people this week that might adopt Ollie) but this home
is to a fabulous local family.  We'll have to check back on Larry's
status next time since he's now king of his roost.  And we'll
have to check on Ollie to see how her transition is going. It
was amazing that her new home drove by during our break time
near Village Creek....pretty neat I'd say!

Alrighty Chloe....she had Kelly Glover over for a sleep over
and these two stayed up till Midnight chatting, I had to do
a "Get to bed girls" several times until they actually did it...
but we all made it to church on time and that's what matters!
Sunday, January 29, 2012

A giant thanks goes to Neall and Becca for hosting yesterday's 20 mile bike ride!  They not only provided a sitter but also LENNY'S!!!  Yes, Lenny's was delivered to Wynne by employees from its Forrest City store and it was fabulous after the cold and windy bike ride.  Ya'll know I hate to brag but I brought champagne to toast Neall and Becca after receiving the Cross County Chamber of Commerce's Volunteers of the Year award, and it was sooo good!  Neall and Becca, immediately returned to their hometown of Wynne to open Dental and Optometry practices, respectively, right after graduating.  Then taking on as chairmen of our 30 year old festival, Farmfest, for three, yes 3 years, and employing 24 plus employees combined as well as raising a family with Sol, 5 years, and Rose, almost 3 years, while chairing many committees and serving on many like the Wynne Economic Development Corporation, Cross County Chamber of Commerce, Cross County Arts Council, Midsouth Kids Triathlon and Midsouth Kids Marathon committees, church and many more things in our precious county, it seemed like the right time to bring out the "special champagne".  My BFF Wendy in Chicago highly recommended the Schramsberg Mirabelle Rose Brut that we all shared and enjoyed toasting the Jackson's for a Job Well Done!  That champagne was delicious!

Ok...the bike ride was easy and fun as we had two new riders, Johnny and Beverly Edwards from Searcy.  They are new to Wynne and are newlyweds and gave each other road bikes as wedding that's a good present I'd say!  We all enjoyed the ride and the social time afterwards.  It was fun having our toasts with Lenny's and taking jello shots. Yes, it's true, that's not a typo.  We had jello shots laced with vodka.  I passed mine to Jackie so I could go get Kelly for the sleep over.  I heard they were delicious but we were off to Birdeye for the sleep over and birthday dinner for Harmon and Jeanie at Josie's in Waldenburg.  We had a great time at the bike ride and at Josie's.  If only I could figure out how to ride out there to on the way to dinner and have a bike rack on a car for the ride home from was a ton of fun.  There were great karaoke singers and not so good karaoke singers but we all had tons of laughs celebrating Memaw and Grandad's birthdays. it looks good this weekend for a bike ride.  Kara's offered to host at 2:30 after she gets off if the weather holds meet at her house at 2:30 for a road bike ride.

And this BBC crew is responsible for our first time trial thanks to Kyle.  It's slated for Sunday, June 3 at 9 am from the Birdeye Store.  Here's the link to the BBC Time Trial:

I thought it's appropriate to share a link to Kara's shoes:


  1. Saturday was SO fun! And I love that route! Nice scenery and a good variation in elevation but not mega-crazy Keeli hills! Yay BBC!

  2. The yellow Schwinn is a 1973 Super Sport converted into a "fixie". I need to do a post on this bike and some other bikes in my collection in the near future.