Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mountain Bike at the Killough's this Sunday at 2 pm

There's Chloe with Tyler Trocchi and Zoe and Gabe Light at
the Liberty Bowl Parade on Beale Street.  Boo Vandy
lost but Jackie thought it was okay since the player that
ran back a kick for a touchdown from Cincinnati was Dr. Martin
Luther King Jr's grandson.  An interesting point of the game!

Here they are at WC Handy Park
Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year Ya'll and a Happy Early Birthday to Kyle, our BBC engineer.  Kyle and Cecilia have graciously offered to host a Sunday afternoon 2 pm bike ride on the Killough farm.  Meet there at 2.  We plan to continue our 2012 calendar discussion that I started at the Blanton's BBC Christmas Party but was unable to finish because of Chuck and his big bottle of red wine that kept following me around.  Points of discussion are:  A Birdeye Timed Trial this spring/summer, meeting up in St. Louis over the summer months to ride the downtown trail and getting some weekend bike rides rolling.  We should discuss also whether the BBC wants to do the Midsouth Kids Triathlon this year.

I've added some Liberty Bowl photos from last weekend and I'm glad OSU won at the Fiesta Bowl last night.  See ya'll Sunday! Keeli

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