Tuesday, January 17, 2012

9 Mile RUN 2:30 pm this Saturday at Kara's

Kyle, Stan, Cecilia, Martin, Kara, Jackie, me, Beth, Kathleen
Beth and Jimmy rearing for the 18 mile course.  It was our
first of the year and I can report that my bum needs more
training before our next ride...Fire up cyclists! :)
A view coming down Matthews Sweet Potato Hill off 163...
That's Kyle coming back up to check on Cecilia

This is at the bottom of the hill heading back to Birdeye
That hill was a 11 % GRADE hill Martin reported after some of us
did the Vanndale (Pleasant Hill) Hill and the Spring Hill in front of
 my house... Pleasant Hill was a 17% climb, Spring Hill 13% climb and
then the Matthews Hill 11% grade.  Interesting...but a great HILL!

Kyle, Kathleen, Martin and I all did the Spring Hill (13% grade)
and Kyle's crazy tail went on to Cherry Valley and back alone.
This is what he looked like afterwards.  I'd say it's time to
schedule a harder weekend ride for Kyle.  :)

Oh and his new bike he got on Ebay, this is a cyclocross
bike that literally is light as a feather.  Seriously, I could
pick it up with my index finger.  Kyle did comment that he
will need to move the handle bars up so he doesn't have
to lean over as much...I'd say 2 feet since he's SO tall!
Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kara has invited all who are merry and training for the Little Rock Half, Full and 10K to join us Saturday at her house after work at 2:30 for a 9 mile jaunt up to Bay Village.  Yes, boys are welcome but right now it's Kara, I and one of the Beths if not both Beths.  I've added photos of last Saturday's ride up the 11 grade sweet potato hill off Hwy 163.  I totally enjoyed the ride and I'm looking forward to a possible Sunday ride after church if it is warmer and dry.

Thanks again for rolling out Saturday and I look forward to seeing ya'lls running tails on Saturday as a prep for the Little Rock foot race in March.


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