Sunday, November 13, 2011

cyclocross crazy

Outdoors Inc. cyclocross was a fun course and I did better in the second cross race of my short career. I warmed up properly and was ready to go right from the start which is important because in the cross world it's all about getting to the first corner first! A sprint from the gun.

After the 1st lap it's all about maintaining your position and maybe a few more passes but it gets spread out pretty quick and stays that way for the most part. I am proud to say that I passed 3 riders on the penultimate lap so I finished strong in my mind and 2nd place in my age group.
Several classes are run at the same time and the
cx4 riders ran off and left me but at least I wasn't
lapped! FYI for the ladies of the BBC, these CX gals are FAST. I guess there are 6 girls between
Little Rock and Germantown racing cross and 4 of them passed me and left me for dead if that gives you any indication of their speed. The CX crowd is a small group of dedicated die-hard training FREAKS, and is not for the faint of heart. Did I mention that the race is 42 minutes long and you will not catch your breath until it is over or you quit, which ever comes first. And finishing is very satisfying. Cross anyone?

Cyclocross technique 101

right foot off pedal
swing leg behind seat to
left, place on ground
and hope left foot will
unclip. Carry bike over
obstacle and then hop up
on seat, then clip in feet.
Easier said than done but
I'm getting the hang of it.

Gearhead Cyclocross Nov. 6th

These are the fast guys, I'm not even in the picture and won't be for another minute. It was fast and tough, sand traps, log crossings, very tight turns, short steep climbs, and I was hanging on the edge in short order.


  1. Boy am I glad that I decided at the last minute to skip this one...but I'm glad to know that I really want to do one of these...when's your next cyclocross crazy Kyle?

  2. OOOh, thank goodness for the great step by step directions, but if I tried to do that, it would surely be a tragedy. Looks like fun though. Maybe you could get us together a practice course. After Thanksgiving is over, we have to get a bikeride together!!