Friday, October 16, 2015

St. Francis Levee Gravel Grinder, West Memphis 2015

Kyle met us over there....BBC Represent!

This part of the ride was bumpy...on the levee

Under the three bridges, we could actually see the work being done on the Harahan walk way

I got a group shot of all the Gravel Grinder riders.  In the middle is Greg Maxted, executive director of the Harahan
Project...he is super nice and fired up, of course, about this bridge that will connect cyclists and pedestrians from
downtown Memphis to West Memphis

In the distance there you can see the new bridge

After the ride, the Bouffants played and they were GREAT! The start and finish part of the Delta Flatlander and
the Gravel Grinder Saturday was at the Tom Sawyer RV Park in West Memphis
Saturday, Oct. 10, 2015

Jackie and I went over for the 1st St. Francis Levee Gravel Grinder event of the Delta Flatlander on Saturday.  It was a fun but bumpy 22 mile ride (on the levee part) from West Memphis over to both bridges and back.  The Delta Flatlander is an event started last year promoting the Harahan Bridge Project.  The flatlander took a 20, 40 and 62 mile road bike route at 8 am and at 1:30, the St. Frances Levee Gravel Grinder took place.  We had a great bbq dinner and loved hearing the Bouffants after the 22 mile ride.  Glad that Kyle met us over there this year.

Greg Maxted, executive director of the Harahan Bridge Project said that there will be an ECO park on the West Memphis side of the bridge connecting the bridge to the levee route.  I believe it's all apart of Arkansas' Mississippi River Trail route.  It's all pretty exciting stuff over there!

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