Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 Christmas Lights Bike Tour, Wynne

Chloe and Katie Bradshaw
Happy New Year! Here's to more bike riding and good health and happiness to all in 2015!
Jackie behind Chloe and Kyle

Front row: Linton and Katie Bradshaw, Beth and Stan Bradshaw
me, Chloe and Reece Bradshaw in the buggy
Back row: Kyle Killough, Chuck and Lisa Blanton
Cecelia Killough and Jackie (not pictured, Mel and Jerry Harvey)

Stan pulling Katie

Blurry Eldridge Court

Chloe, Katie and Linton
Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Kyle Killough had a great idea to bike through Wynne after our Sunday night service at the Wynne Presbyterian Church.  We had a good sized crew that rode through town looking at the lights.  It was cold but fun.  As you can see from our group photo, we were lit up with reflectors!!  Maybe it will be a neat tradition in years to come!

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