Monday, May 19, 2014

Oklahoma Free Wheel, Oklahoma City

Monday, May 19, 2014

Chloe and I were listening to NPR on the way to Oklahoma City this past weekend and heard an ad about this tour in June across Oklahoma.  Their website is pretty cool too.  Go to:

This is a week long tour that starts on the Texas border, goes to Kansas and back on a Sunday through Saturday next month.  I noticed this year they have charging stations for phones etc plus fruit stations and portable showers which is pretty cool.  I checked the Arkansas Bicycle Club's website and didn't find one of these in our state but I'm still looking.  Looks fun and it goes through Tonakawa where I had family at one point.  The ride averages 42-66 miles a day which is doable.  I'm telling you now that Jackie may have to plan for a week off in
One of many photos from their website....Man, there's a bunch of OSU
cyclists...where are the OU jerseys?
June 2015 in mouth's watering.  You all know I adore touring....I hope you all will check out the Oklahoma Free Wheel website...ride on people and stay safe!  -Keeli

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