Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lesson learned at Village Creek

Kara pointed out that the new trail signs looked great...
Adam said they used a covering like Shellac (I think) and
they looked great and the full 8 mile loop was well marked

Gotta group shot...Jackie studying the

3 miles from the visitor's center, Lisa had a flat.  Not just
a flat, a locust thorn flat that somehow poked multiple holes
through the tube we found out later.  Adam had a patch kit and
a tube, but it didn't fit her 29 inch tire.  So they patched it but
down one hill it was flat again. 

A close look at the thorn

We were thankful that one of these horses that passed us didn't
get a thorn...that would HURT for sure!  These riders were
mighty chatty!
Sunday, January 20, 2013

We had our first flat tire at Village Creek yesterday...overall we rode bikes for 8 miles, started 20 minutes late cause of a family know who you are...then Lisa had a flat...and we realized that 9 of us weren't prepared.  Luckily Adam had a patch kit and went to town but when it failed, Kyle and Adam came up with an EXCELLENT idea and filled the tire with leaves so Chuck could ride Lisa's bike back.  Great idea guys!  Now we know to first, have a tube packed.  (We didn't have anything packed and I had even commented earlier while loading the bikes that since I was riding Chloe's new beauty of a bike, she didn't have a MTB flat kit and I do believe Jackie said, and I quote, "we never have mountain bike ride flats".)  Thanks Jackie for making one of my worries come true.  Just kidding but really it was 4:15 p.m. when the second flat happened, it was getting dark and cold.  So let's all get a MTB flat kit ready...just sayin! :)

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