Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cyclocross Clinic and Gearhead Cyclocross at Village Creek

I am so proud of this photo....the dismount obstacle.....

Here we all are, there's Stan, Jackie, Kyle, Kara and over there
is Chloe with her IPAD ready to film...I'll get her cyclocross
trailer on here soon (when I can find some wifi)

Lemme say that's one hill...Here's Kara caring
her bike (which is Cecelia's Mongoose).
Where is Cecelia you ask?  She decided this type
race isn't for her....so she had a huge Octoberfest
spread in her kitchen waiting on us afterwards.

Notice the way Kyle carries his bike up that
steep hill....
Saturday, October 13, 2012

A giant shout out to Kyle and Cecelia Killough who hosted a fabulous cyclocross clinic at their blueberry farm east of Wynne last Saturday.  Kyle had a 1/2 mile loop set up (I'm guessing here) that had a dismount and get back on your bike, 3 logs or obstacles to jump over while on your bike then up a hill over planks while carrying your bike.  I tell you it was one workout and Kara and I can report we both have some kind of bruise on the inside of our right leg...must have been something about the dismount I'd say.

Gearhead is hosting a Cyclocross event at Village Creek Sunday, Nov. 4.  I bet it'll start at 9 am, it's not on racesonline so you register when you get there.  Jason, from Gearhead, has a guy from Jonesboro that has a World Master Cyclocross (I'm sure I'm not saying that right) title that will be setting up the course that is to be similar to European Cyclocross courses at Village Creek.

Thanks to Kyle for setting up a great challenging cyclocross course and to Cecelia for having brats, German potato salad, german chocolate cake as well as some German beer.  We all had a great time.  If you missed it just let them know and you can train out there I bet, until Nov. 4.

I cannot wait for Nov. 4.  I think it'll be a great, memorable event! -Keeli

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