Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tour De' Rock

This is the ride the BBC should be doing instead of the Big Dam because simply put it's all the gain without the pain. NO HILLS, but plenty of scenery such as plantations, pecan tree shade tunnels and the LR river trails and even the Clinton biking bridge. I stayed Friday night with fellow biker and Wynne native Charlie Hart in his historic place in Argenta (NLR) which is in the heart of the central Ark cycle scene.

Maybe you can tell from the pic that I rode retro for the de' rock ride and I'm glad to say I kept up pretty good considering I was on a forty year old Schwinn. Most people didn't notice the vintage bike or just didn't comment except for the youngster who asked " is that a real steel bike?" and of course a few old farts had to say "that bike reminds me of my Raleigh Grand Prix, wish I had hung on to it". Charlie had a good suggestion that all I needed to complete the vintage theme was a 69' VW microbus, great idea!

So, all you climbing haters, let us think about the TDR in early June '13.

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