Sunday, January 16, 2011

Second Ride of 2011

Kyle's new vintage bike that he said took a long time to put together

Kyle taking the new bike on a test run
(Cecilia said it's his 8th bike!)

Mary & Bill Warren, Jackie, Kyle, Lisa and Cecilia
(Chuck just pulled in and was hurrying to get ready!)

I took this on the bike of Chuck, I like the bright jacket!

Kyle said he dug out this canteen to go with his vintage bike!

Kyle's seat he's so proud of

Notice the big springs on that thing!  Kyle said it's the most comfortable seat ever!

Our Pinot and Cab cycling bottles
Saturday, January 15, 2011

Chuck and Lisa Blanton were our hosts for our second group ride.  We were all thrilled that Bill and Mary Warren joined us and we expected Reece Smith and Julie Boone but they were no shows.   So the 8 of us waited for a few until Chuck got back from a State Presbytery meeting in Conway, which gave Kyle time to ride around on his new bike.  I know I won't name his bike right, so Kyle, you'll have to get on here on do it justice.  It's a vintage bike made overseas exactly like a 1920's British Army bike with a seat that Kyle says is the  It has springs on both the front and back and he literally bounced up and down. I tried to video it on the way back but my battery didn't have enough space and it timed out just as he was doing a demo, 4 seconds is all I got.  Our ride was 1:05 and 14 miles long with a good 10 mph head wind on the way.  The temperature went down on the way back, the sun hid and we were cold!   The Warren's had an event in Jonesboro so they rode home, it was so nice to have them!

Luckily, Chuck and Lisa had snacks for us and we hung around for quite a while talking about all kinds of subjects and had lots of laughs.  I brought a bottle of Kara and I's favorite cab, a "cycling-style" bottle Cycles Gladiator from California.  Chuck broke out his favorite Pinot which also had a cycle on its label.  You gotta love it!  I love Gladiator Cabernet and loved Chuck's Pinot too.  Chuck also brought out his Irish Whiskey for us all to try.  Cecilia, Lisa and I all shared a sip of the whiskeys.  We judged them all and I so wish Martin and Kara were there to join us, they would have loved it!!!  Fun times with our fellow Presbyterians!  I expect Chuck, Kyle and all of you to post on here soon and I'm working on a calendar.

Right now, I'm hoping for a 3 pm ride this Saturday, January 22, 2011 from Birdeye (weather permitting).  Details soon!

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  1. I hate that we missed this very important landmark vintage unveiling. I sure want to see Kyle's new bike in bouncing action. I also hate that we missed the after party at Chuck and Lisa's house. I know it was fun. Weather permitting lets get next weekend going.